Fellowship Break

The Fellowship Committee would like to invite everyone to join them in the Fellowship Hall this Sunday, June 16, between the services, 9:00am-10:15am for the Fellowship Break. Please come enjoy some delicious snacks and the time for fellowship with one another.

Congregational Meeting

A Congregational Meeting has been called by our President, Matt Crall, for the purpose of discussion and voting on the Proposed Sanctuary AC Unit Replacement. The Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 16, 2024 directly following the 10:30am worship service. Additional information concerning the Proposal is located on the wooden table in the back of the sanctuary or in the office. All questions can be directed to one of the Property Committee Members or a member of the Church Council.

July, August, September & October 2024 Newlstter Information

Information to be included in the next Newsletter needs to be submitted to the office by Monday, June 17th. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance!

St Paul's Church Directory

Council is looking for help with a new Church Directory. If you are willing to make phone calls and assist in the process of a new picture directory, please contact the office or one of the current Council Members. The sooner there are volunteers, the sooner the project will get started. Thank you!

BORN Multi-Church Garage Sale

BORN will be holding their Multi-Church Garage Sale on June 21, 9am-5pm & June 22, 9am-2pm at the First Alliance Church on Hopley Avenue. All proceeds go to the support of BORN and the work that they do in the community. Additional help is always needed and appreciated with set-up on Thursday, June 20, 4pm-8pm, working during the sale, and clean-up on Saturday, June 22 at 2pm. Sign-up sheets are located on the wooden table in the back of the sanctuary for anyone able to help out. 

NALC Flood Bucket Build Event

In support of the NALC Disaster Response, Trinity Lutheran Church in Crestline will once again be hosting a Flood Bucket Build Event on Saturday, September 14, 9am-12pm. You are invited to please consider attending the event in order to help out and/or donating supplies to help with assembling the buckets. A list of the items needed is located on the wooden table in the back of the sanctuary. All donations can be brought in at any time and left in the back of the sanctuary. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Summer Special Music

If you or someone you know would like to share their musical talent this summer, please contact Jim Hunt. The Summer Special Music will begin June 16. 

2024 Fairgates Sign-Up

The sign-up sheet for the 2024 Fairgates is on the wooden table in the back of the sanctuary... the Fair will be here before you know it! St Paul’s will be working the gates on Monday, July 15 with assistance from BORN. Your help is needed! Please consider helping out for a few hours this year and put your name on the sign-up sheet.

2024 Lay Readers Sign-Up

The schedule/sign-up sheet for the 2024 Lay Readers is hanging on the bulletin board at the back of the sanctuary in the main entrance (by the Altar Flower Chart). Volunteers are still needed throughout the year for both services and it does not need to be a month commitment if you are not able. Please feel free to sign up or contact Debbi Gifford or the office if you have questions or are able to help out.

BORN Blessing Box Donations

A box is still available in the back of the sanctuary for the BORN Blessing Box donations. Your continued support of this community service is greatly appreciated!

Photo Privacy

Please contact the office if you do not wish to have your photo in the newsletter, website, or the church social media site(s). Our wishes are to protect our member's privacy while still promoting our church to the community.

Communion Assistants Needed

Communion Assistants are needed once a month, especially for the 8:15am worship service. If this is something you might be able to help out with, please contact Cheryl Luidhardt or the office. Thank you!

Help Needed to Run the Sound System

Help is needed with running the sound system during the worship services, especially the 8:15am service. If this is something that you would be interested in learning, please let the office know or talk to Brandon.

Portals of Prayer

The April, May & June Portals of Prayer are available at all the entrances to the sanctuary and in the office.

Sunday School Director Needed

The Education Department is in need of a Sunday School Director and also someone to lead the younger children in Music at the beginning of the Sunday School Hour each Sunday and while singing during the Worship Services once a month. Please see Dave Crum if this is something that you feel may be a good fit for you.

Save Your Aluminum Can Tabs

Please save your aluminum can tabs to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. You will find a container on the table in the back of the Church and in the Fellowship Hall. Thank you!

Kroger Community Rewards

Thank you to everyone who has signed up through Kroger Community Rewards. If you are not signed up, login to and the find the community rewards. Our organization is St. Paul's Youth and our number is EL241. Thanks again.